Using synthetic urine for a drug test used to be one of the most popular methods to cheat a urine test. It was simple, you went to the closest smoke shop, bought one bottle of fake urine, basically, any brand would work, heat it up a little bit and submit to, you were good to go. These good old days are long gone, labs became much stricter, they check your sample carefully if it doesn’t contain certain chemicals, they fail you. If its doesn’t look like real human pee if it has no smell they can also fail you, not to mention the temperature… As you can pass a drug test became a pain in the ass, only the best synthetic urine brands can pass a modern urine drug test in 2019. That’s why it’s important to educate yourself, to check out as many synthetic urine reviews as possible online because you don’t want to buy some low-quality fake urine brand.

These brands have been around for 15+ years, but some forgot to update its a formula. What worked 10 years ago probably won’t work anymore. There are many brands that used to have a good reputation and people keep buying because they think it’s still good. In this synthetic urine review, I will recommend the three absolute best synthetic urine brand for a drug test, I will also tell you how to keep urine on the correct temperature, how to smuggle it in and what are those brands that you should avoid.

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Fake Urine Brands That You Should Avoid

There are many synthetic urine brands that used to work very well, but they are completely worthless now. You still can use it for sex play for instance or to keep animals away, but you are not going to pass a drug test with them. These brands are still widely available in smoke shops, gas stations and also online. Before buying anything always do some research, it applies to everything not just synthetic urine. Check it’s ingredients, instructions, and most importantly check their reviews. Amazon and other webshops are heavily moderated, if you complain about the quality, they can remove your review with a click of a button. That’s why I recommend forums like grasscity, there is no comment moderation there and you can see what works and what doesn’t.

The brands I would suggest you stay away from are:

  • Xstream Synthetic Urine
  • U-Pass Urine
  • Agent X Synthetic Urine
  • JetClean
  • P sure synthetic urine
  • N-oxide
  • Magnum

How To Keep Urine Warm For A Drug Test

I want to keep this short and sweet. Keeping urine on the correct temperature is not that easy, this is the main reason why people fail even with excellent quality synthetic urine. Most brands come with heating pads, what you have to do is put the fake urine in the microwave for a few seconds, check the temperature strip, if it shows green that means it’s on the correct temperature. If it’s overheated, do not panic, just let it cool down. Once it’s reached the desired temperature, wrap it with the heating pad and go to the testing lab. It should keep it at the same temperature for a couple of hours.

The problem is heating pads are not very reliable, sometimes they don’t work at all, I have heard stories when the heating pad overheated the sample. The safest way to keep urine warm is by using a heat activator powder. Only the best synthetic urine brands come with heat activator powder! It’s easy to use, just add the one-third of the powder to your sample and within a few seconds, the temperature will start raising. It’s important to always add a little bit less to avoid overheating your sample. With heat activator powder, your chances are much better, easy to use, if it’s your first time, you can practice it at home, one vial of heat activator is enough to heat up three flasks of synthetic urine.

how to keep urine warm for a drug test

How To Smuggle Synthetic Urine To The Testing Room

In most cases the tests are unsupervised, you are alone in the room and no one going to watch you peeing. It also means it’s easy to smuggle the urine flask in without getting caught, they are not going to strip search you, I recommend keeping the flask in your underwear, if you are a female in your bra. No one going to touch you at your private area, this is the absolute safest way to hide urine. I wouldn’t recommend keeping it in your jacket or pocket, because they might tell you the empty your pocket or take your jacket off. The flask is small so you can easily hide it without getting noticed. If it’s some kind of serious, very strict drug test and some will stay with you in the room, I would not recommend using synthetic urine. Detox drinks and pills are probably much safer options.

What Makes The Best Synthetic Urine Brands

High-Quality Synthetic urine must contain various chemicals that are normally found in human urine, these are for instance: urea, uric acid, it must be balanced for Ph and special gravity. The best synthetic urine brands have 100% natural color and smell, so they can easily pass a visual check. Besides the essential chemicals, they must not contain biocides. These are chemicals that are used for preserving the urine sample, its unnatural and normally not found in human pee. Bigger labs like LabCorp started to test for the presence of biocides if they found it in your urine, you are failed.

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Synthetic Urine Reviews: The Top 3 Brands

  • #3Quick Fix Synthetic Urine: Quick fix has been around for 15+ years, it’s a well-known brand, beside synthetic urine they also sell detox drinks. Even if it’s old its still a reliable brand, it’s formula was updated recently and it comes with almost every essential chemicals. I am not saying it’s perfect but good enough to pass a simple pre-employment drug test. The problem with quick fix6.2 that it doesn’t come with uric acid, and it has slightly greenish, unnatural color. According to rumors it also contains biocides, that’s why I wouldn’t recommend it for LabCorp drug tests. For a very basic pre-employment test it should be enough. It’s premixed and comes with a heating pad.
  • #2Sub Solution Synthetic Urine: It used to be the best synthetic urine on the market for 10+ years. It comes with all the essential chemicals that are found in human urine, it looks and smells real, to be honest, you can not see the difference between Sub Solution is real human pee. It doesn’t contain biocides, so using it is 100% safe. It’s a urine powder, which means you need to carry a flask of lukewarm water to the lab, when you are inside (or even outside, up to you) add the urine powder, shake it gently, wait 30 seconds and when the powder is completely dissolved, add the heat activator powder. Usually, one-third of the powder is enough, you do not need more than that, if it still doesn’t give you the green light, just add a bit more. Very easy to use and 100% safe. The only drawback is its price, one single bottle costs 80$.
  • #1Quick Luck Synthetic urine: The best synthetic urine on the market in 2019 is Quick Luck. It’s basically the same as Sub Solution, but it contains even more chemicals, it’s premixed which makes it easier to use and it also comes with heating pads. To be honest, I don’t see the point of using heating pads, so it’s not a big plus for me. I am not sure if the extra chemicals are required or not, normally Sub Solution is enough to pass any drug test, but obviously, it can not harm. One bottle costs 100$ if you have the extra money go for it, otherwise choose Sub Solution. They are manufactured by the same company called Clear Choice, that’s why they are often called ” Clear Choice urine”. If you check out synthetic urine reviews online, in forums and on youtube videos you will see these two brands have excellent reviews. If you do everything as it’s instructed, there is no way to fail the test.